Ken Weaver  

 freelance writer + editor, etc.  
Selected Publications

All About Beer 

"The Perfect Fit" (34.2)
Complete All About Beer Archive

"5 Reasons to Watch Brazil," DRAFT (Mar/Apr 2013)

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"Kleptos," The Southeast Review (30.2)

"Spontaneously Fermented," Hobart

"Infinity Juice," Puerto del Sol (47.1) and 
featured in A Six Pack of Stories
(2012 Pushcart Prize nominee)

"The Lost Things," Juked

Author of 
The Northern California Craft Beer Guide (Cameron + Co.), with photographer Anneliese Schmidt
foreword by Sierra Nevada's Ken Grossman

Editor, RateBeer Weekly

Reviewer & Columnist, The Rare Beer Club

"Good and Steamed," Saveur (Issue 156)

Frequent Contributor to the Bohemian